Saturday, October 12, 2013

You Know You're in Africa When. . .

 You know you're in Africa when the mother and baby goat are part of the checked luggage that rides on top of the bus.  Gary says he has never seen them held in with ropes, it may be a new traffic regulation.   

 You know you're in Africa when the local Record store is called Beautiful Jesus Music. 

You know you're in Africa when the oncoming traffic has horns and knows how to use them.  

You know you're in Africa when the goats eat the park bench.

You know you're in Africa when 
the ants make a hill taller than your car.


  1. I am praying for you daily and feel so privileged to do so. My love and appreciation for the ministry you and Gary have so faithfully led for so many years makes my heart glad. I love the posts....your true and faithful friend and sister in Christ. Blessings to you both, Sherry xoxo

  2. Well it is awesome to find another sister in Christ. Blessings...Laurie

    1. Hi Laurie, there's not much here to find as I'm on Wordpress now most of the time. Hope you'll visit there.