Monday, April 1, 2013

The Joy of Salvation

Do you see the joy on these faces?  
This photo comes from Rich Chaffin or Jim Gallagher (sorry I don't know who took it).  It was taken on an Outreach to the northern region of Ghana.  The JPG caption reads, "Ladies Who Got Saved".

One thing I do know:  they were not the only ones filled with joy that day.
Rich, Jim, and the team were rejoicing and the angels in heaven as well.

Do you remember the joy of your early moments and days of salvation?  
Africa can be a difficult place to live.  Many African nations experience almost constant civil war and violence.  Other regions have limited resources and the people suffer hunger and illness.

For women and children the challenges are multiplied.  Cultural traditions leave them vulnerable to abuse and unprotected by law.
Our friends in Ghana report that things are rapidly changing for the better here.  
My hope and prayer is that God will continue to work salvation and the resulting righteousness that follows in this nation and the neighboring countries.  Civil freedoms, capable government, and economic development may bring greater stability and safety, but they can't compare with the joy of salvation, the peace it engenders, or the hope that it promises.

I'm thankful for the many freedoms and protections I have as an American, but I am exceedingly grateful that my citizenship is in heaven, from whence I await my Savior.
I'm also thankful that these women and children will be there as well!

Spoiled American woman that I am, I was wondering if there might be anyplace nearby to get a pedicure. 
We drove through Pepeasi on Easter Sunday afternoon (HE IS RISEN!) an came upon this.
Gary suggested Corn Roll to help me cope with the humidity's success at undermining my coiffure.
Here is the Village Chief.  
His house was the center of a lot of activity over the 4 day holiday.  
Literally everybody and their chickens were there.
 I must confess, I covet his umbrella.  Both of them!
And here are our neighbors.  
They came over in the afternoon for a bite to eat.
In the interest of fairness I am 
posting a picture of a morning sky.  
The evening sky has already
 been featured in a previous post. 
This week we will each teach a morning session here at the Training Center and then share with the staff and students at the Calvary Chapel Academy in Pepeasi.
Saturday we travel to Kumasi for Gary to teach and next week I will conduct a 3 day Women's Seminar in Koforidua. 

Please remember Ghana in your prayers.  Pastor Donne tells us there are not many Bible teaching churches, but many hungry hearts who gladly receive the message of salvation with joy.

Peace & grace to you from Ghana,


  1. Hi Kelly! I am trying to figure out how to follow your blog and can't find a "button" for that. I don't check in with facebook everyday so I prefer to get notifications when a favorite blogger posts. Did I miss something on the blog page?
    Great experience you're having! I have always wanted to go to Africa but am afraid I don't have the gifts for it. You, however, DO have those gifts and to answer your question, you are one of the most fascinating people I've met so far. I love your teaching. Thanks! Nanci Harper

  2. Hi Nanci,
    I think you can subscribe by email by clicking on the yellow "Subscribe by email" line. I have a friend that said she gets email notifications when I post. We had a disruption in Internet service, but we're back online now.
    Pray that Gary and I will share the word as we ought and that this great open door will result in encouragement and edification for the students here and the women that will attend the conferences.
    Blessings from Ghana,