About Me

I plan on living forever, but that doesn't mean I can procrastinate.  
The longer I live the more I want to know. 
As a kid school was about friends.  
College was about employment.  
Now, life is about learning.  
I'm engaged in a constant battle with The Learning Curve, but it should consider me armed and dangerous.

God is by far my greatest passion.  
I find every possible excuse to include Him in the conversation.  
I couldn't live without Him.  
I'd love to introduce you two.

Blogging is a way to reach out.  
My daughter, the youngest one that always smack talks her mother, thinks I'm doing it because I've already talked to everyone in the line at Target and the grocery store.

I think I am doing it because I can.
I don't have to fill out a resume, or talk to Evil HR.  I can just turn on the iMac and write.

So, don't say I didn't warn you.
I think I'd like to hear from you as well.
Don't make me regret my unmodified Comment selection.


  1. i love you kelly .. your humor and grace (pun intended). wink.

    1. Thanks Sherry. I love you too. Hey, would you ever be interested in a BlogHer Conference?

    2. sorry - didn't even see this until now. answer is "maybe." :) i just returned from the mt hermon writer's conference and planning to attend in 2016 as well. when's the blogher conference?

  2. Daddy always says, "I'm ready to go but I'm not homesick."

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Cynthia,
      I'm sorry you happened upon my 'neglected' blog, but it's a pleasure to have you here. I've been much more active on Wordpress at http://kellyjgrace.com.
      Have a wonderful day!