Monday, March 4, 2013

A Divine Occupation

Every time I read I Corinthians 14:34-35 I feel rebellion rising within.
It's the passage about women keeping silent in church and asking their husbands at home if they want to learn anything.

I think I'd hate that passage even if I weren't in the post-feminist era.  
My flesh doesn't like rules that "limit" me.

SO----This morning I asked God to change my heart and help me to love to do His will.

Here's what He showed me:
The context of the I Cor. passage was both church order and the marriage relationship.
The origin of the marriage relationship is found in Genesis 2:20.
This passage reveals Adam's need and God's provision for that need.

That's the first place my sinful heart takes offense.

Why am I the answer to someone's need?
Why wasn't I created for myself, or possibly God's glory and pleasure as Adam was?

So, I started with the words.
I'm a Bible student and I always start with the meaning of the words.

What do they mean?

Remember this study began with a sincere prayer for God to change my heart.

The first phrase I looked up is help meet.

The Strong's definition is to help, one who helps.  

It's the Hebrew word 'ezer and it occurs 21 times in the Hebrew concordance (Old Testament)

How does God change hearts?
How does He conquer our rebellion?
He begins by transforming our minds.

My mind was changed as I looked at the other 19 uses of this word.

It is used twice with the modifier 'meet' which translates fit.
As in suitable, designed for this purpose.

BUT, 16 of the other 19 uses refer to God himself as Israel's helper.
Here are just a few:
Deut. 33:26
Ps. 33:20
Ps. 70:5
Ps. 121:1
Ps. 124:8

If God has made Himself Israel's helper, how can I be so selfish and prideful as to resent His design for me to be my husband's helper?

That was all it took.

The word of God instructs my heart to embrace God's plan, accept His will, and FOLLOW HIS EXAMPLE.

I can't wait to see how I can help my husband today and every day,

One day at a time


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