Friday, March 29, 2013

A New Kind of Hunger in Africa

Calvary Chapel Training Center Ghana, West Africa

In December of 2000 my husband Gary began teaching a small group of men how to study the Bible using the Inductive Bible Study method.  Most were from Ghana's northern region which is harsh and inhospitable.  Famine and hunger are common there, but these men had come to a village in the Volta with a different kind of hunger.  They were seeking a feast and the only thing that could satisfy their hunger was the word of God.

Thirteen years later more than one thousand students have graduated.  Some pastor one or more churches and many others serve in their local churches.  They disciple new believers, teach children, and support the body of Christ in prayer.

Even as this present class nears the end of their final term they sit and eagerly listen to the story of how God worked to make it all happen.

When asked how to be effective for God, Chuck Smith would say, "Try to find where the Spirit is moving and just get in the flow".
That's still sound advice.  When Gary first visited Ghana there was no vision, no strategy, no long term goals.  He just went to help grade papers for a friend who was teaching an Inductive Seminar.

But when he saw the many people who had come to Christ through the Jesus Film and the lack of churches, pastors, or even Christians who knew the Bible, he couldn't walk away untouched by such need.  So he sought to find a way to help these new believers.  The answer was literally in his hands.  The Inductive Bible Study could equip men to serve as pastors able to guide and feed the flock of God.

Calvary Chapel Laguna Creek and Calvary Chapel Vero Beach have faithfully supported the work.  And God has raised up gifted "graduates" who now have the primary responsibility for the Training Center.

It's a joy to be here once again.  We're rejoicing in all that God has done and taking to heart the words of a worship song we sang this morning:
Yesterday is gone, another day has come.  Do something new in my life Lord.

We found a little fishing village outside the main city of Accra.  It has a touch of Venice, don't you think?

Thank you for your prayers,

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